5 Unique Ideas for a Special Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding is most likely to be held in spring or summer time, and usually at a scenic venue to enjoy the fresh air, views and nature. There are many ways to create a dream outdoor wedding, and here are some unique ideas to make that outdoor wedding truly special:

  1. A Ceremony with a View:

If the wedding is to be outdoors, the most important thing is to make sure the view is the best it can be. Choose the best location for the ceremony view in the venue of your choice, for example at a wedding venue Sussex with views of the South Downs National Park, it is best to set the ceremony on a hill to really take advantage of the views.

  1. Chalk Boards:

Use chalkboards for the directions to the ceremony location or place cards for a rustic look. A wooden or chalkboard menu propped up for all to see is a great way to prepare for the alfresco dining.

  1. Photographs:

It goes without saying that if your wedding is outdoors, you should have some picturesque portraits of the bridal party. Choose some of the best locations around the ceremony area to have the photographs taken.

  1. Mason Jars:

Use mason jars for lights, chandeliers and candles for a handmade, rustic look. These are easy to make and look extremely effective as a decoration.

  1. Bouquets:

Create the bouquets from fresh flowers or greenery that are native to the local area and are in season.




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