Learning to Hit a Golf Ball

Learning to Hit a Golf Ball

Golf is a popular sport that people of all ages can enjoy during leisure time with friends, family and business associates. For one to learn the game, they must begin by understanding the basic rules, learning how to hit the ball, and then continuing by practising regularly until they are confident enough to play at a more professional level. The game can be played and practised at a golf course or at a golf driving range Crawley. Golf is a sport that requires determination, skill and regular practise to reach success. The steps to learn how to hit a golf ball include…

Step One – The body must be aligned with the ball and parallel to the hole you are aiming for. Your feet should be about the width of your shoulders apart and you should be leaning slightly towards the ball.

Step Two – Hold the club with straight arms and your less dominant hand on top of the more dominant which is placed just below.

Step Three – Aim the ball towards the hole and decide how far the ball needs to go before swinging. Then swing back the club to your shoulders or just below, your shoulders will twist as you do this.

Step Four – Swing the club back forcefully to hit the ball, and follow through to swing over your other shoulder. Through each step, never take your eye off the ball.

Step Five – When closer to the hole, the size of the swing will reduce until the ball requires just a tap.




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