Stag Party Ideas 101: What You Can Plan in Surrey

If you are reading this then you are probably in the midst of planning a stag do. Planning a bucks night or weekend away is a fairly big responsibility, even though it’s a fun one too! You will want to make sure that you plan stuff that everyone in the group will enjoy (especially the groom to be!) but, you also need to watch out for costs and make sure that all the lads will be able to get involved. No doubt you and the boys have been knocking around a few ideas and have in mind a couple of plans already. We’re here to help you with some ideas that are based right here in Surrey, no need to trip up to the big smoke.

  1. Driving Experience Surrey

Race day has long been a buck’s and friends go-to activity and it’s hard not to see why! But, costs can be a bit prohibitive. That’s where F1 sims come in – they’re as noisy, and nearly as exciting as a real race car, plus the visuals will have you all believing that you’re really F1 drivers! There’s also the added bonus that you can drive a sim after you’ve had a pint or two the night before, or even at lunch!

  1. Wine Tasting

Now now, before you blow that off as a kind of hen party thing to do, you might be surprised how much fun it can be – especially when there’s no spitting, only some good quality swilling and a bit of craic!


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