The Main Advantages of Installing Floor Heating

If you are trying to improve your property to turn it in to your dream home, installing floor heating is a must. Underfloor heating Surrey and across the UK is a top heating option for the extreme cold weather during winter and throughout the year. Underfloor heating is a system that consists of small pipes or cables that transfer heat under the floor that is then retained by the floor and the room. Here are the main advantages of installing floor heating in your home.

Consistent Heat

The heat flow created by the underfloor heating is much more even and consistent compared to conventional heating methods which lose a large amount of heat.

Energy Efficient

With more heat being retained by underfloor heating, energy can be saved by up to 40%. This makes the installation of underfloor heating cost efficient and will lead to long term savings.

Low Maintenance

When correctly installed an underfloor heating system needs no maintenance. There are no moving parts within the system, unlike other heating methods, so there are fewer chances for damage and repairs.


With the whole floor area warmed up and the room heated, a home becomes more comfortable to spend time in no matter the temperature outside.


Instead of inconvenient spaces being taken up by radiators, with underfloor heating there is the freedom to design a room in any way and all of the space can be used. Heating under the floor takes up no space and provides more options for using every wall in the room.


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